Čini mi se da ću ovim poglavljem učiniti nešto prijelomno ― odlučujem ovo i buduća poglavlja pisati na hrvatskom jeziku. Doduše, to sam i ranije znala učiniti (napose onda kada bih pisala o svojoj poeziji), no ovo poglavlje vuče me da ga predstavim nikako drugačije no tako: i sam naziv lijepo mi zvuči kada ga naslovim „Pastirica“.

Zamišljam zelene poljane, mir u duši, bose noge i livadno cvijeće. To je seoska raskoš, neko buduće doba. Prošlost, koja mi je nekoć bila mila, neka se ponovi.

― iz druge zbirke poezije

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A bit of my creativity

Everything I am creating these days is connected either with my fashion ideas or the poetry. Last October I have started the project I never thought it will appear, and that is chaining the poems free from form into a new poetry book made of 366 poems (exactly, one for each day, including the 29th of February). Inspiration is such a surprising thing! An artist could never know when it will come and in what form.

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All the colors of autumn

Indeed, “the pears have withered and many various fruit” because “autumn brought its own glamour” – once I wrote in a poem. Except of all the natural beauties that could be seen wherever the step goes, the same days bring such a particular style of wearing I am truly enjoying: brown, black, yellow, cream and sometimes orange with the golden details make the fashionable delicatessen of the season for me. For this occasion I will recollect a couple of styles I worn recently, giving also a couple of thoughts about it. The main idea here to mention is: I am such a fashion lover!

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One of the many beginnings

As all the beginnings I had, this one does not seem to be easy also: it is so hard to start that very first sentence; but as I continued to go forward, the unknown fields became less and less demanding and my steps seemed to go… livelier. Such chapters are not something new to me, really: back in 2011 I began to write on one of the Serbian forums about my experience with poetry and parallel presenting the new artistic photographs mostly made inspired by it. The theme got a charming number of views and a good feedback but, as the time was passing by, the new opportunities appeared and the old ones got forgotten.

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