The author

Shadows 2Gloria La Marr is an artistic name created by adopting the name and the surname of the two 1920’s silent movies actresses: Gloria Swanson (1899 – 1983) and Barbara La Marr (1896 – 1926).

Since I was a child, I had an artistic aspirations: I started to write as soon as I learned how to write a sentence. I was always writing something — so the written word became the very first way how I used to express myself. My real love for poetry appeared in 2006, when I experienced falling in love with someone who did not give the same feelings back to me. That writing, which was so fulfilling back then, lead me to becoming a poet known for the writing of sonnets and, finally, my first published poetry book „Zlatno doba“ („The golden age“, translated from Croatian). In June 2017 it brought me my first literary award.

My dedication to philosophy began in that moment when I got the first chance to take one of the philosophical books into my hands — I still remember that thought I had on my mind when I read the first and the second page of it. I thought: „This is me, this is what I was looking for the whole life of mine, this is what I want to be“; not even realizing that back then, I was actually identifying my whole being with it. I was nineteen years old then — today I have master’s degree given after dealing with Nietzsche’s philosophy.

The feeling for fashion, once I said, was always in my heart and it was only waiting for the right moment to be fully expressed. My grandmother taught me the basics of using the sewing machine when I was thirteen years old and, since then, I am self-thought in creating the various designs, as much as the fashion accessories. That passionate creating lead me to staring the idea called „Ladies first“ in 2014 and to opening my online shop two years later.

Great things happen by love — and even greater will come!