Zadnje kopije moje prvoizdane zbirke poezije

DSCF1259Kad sam pokupila taj jesenji list s poda, nisam se nadala da  će put koji slijedi biti tako čudesan. Doista, pokupila sam  jedan jesenji list s poda te sam, potaknuta fotografijom koju sam potom stvorila, 12. studenog 2015. odlučila napisati jedan haiku: prvi u mom stvaralačkom opusu. To neko nečuveno nadahnuće toliko je raslo da me je nagnalo i na sljedeći, i na onaj koji je potom uslijedio, i na još mnoge druge: i tako je nastalo “Zlatno  doba”, sa svim svojim već poznatim komponentama. Objavljeno o koncu lipnja 2016. godine, u lipnju godine nakon donijelo mi je i prvu književnu nagradu.

Promotivna strana u ovom je slučaju blago zaostajala zbog  mojeg  privremenog odsutstva iz države, premda je vijest o novoizdanoj zbirci dosegla časopise kao što su “Kvizorama”, “Hrvatsko slovo”, “Naslijeđe” te “Glas Koncila”. Tek o mom povratku u Bošnjake, mjesto u kojem sam provela svoje djetinjstvo, po poticaju Antuna Lešića, koji se vodi kao savjetnik načelnika za kulturu, počeo razvijati koncept da se ona konačno i obistini. Na suhom putu, kuda pjesnik prolazi, smeđežuti list — jednoć sam napisala. S tim je stihom nešto nevažno, poput običnog lista s poda, postalo sasvim važno.

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Portraiture (the stories the objects said)

This is yet another story about the friendship — and it had such an interesting beginning. I met Eoin more than two years ago in front of the big gates of the Trinity college: not that I asked for some directions, but for him to take a photograph. Our conversation, I believe, would not appear if in that moment, in the spot where I wanted to stand, a large group of tourist stopped to discuss something. The unpleasant silence that appeared afterwards was broken with a simple question: “Are you a student over here?” He answered: “Yes, I study philosophy.” This was a certain beginning with no end.

After hearing the answer, that one photograph was not important any more: what was important is meeting somebody who studies philosophy, who is sincere, clever and ready to discuss. Eventually, that one photograph was made, somewhere in-between our half an hour conversation, with our contacts exchanged. The photo story that follows is the story of his, told by the objects he uses.

Eoin, 38 ↓

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Vegan cashew bites

Which ingredients to use?

For approx. 30 pieces: 140 g cashew nuts, 70 g powdered sugar, 2 tbsp coconut four, 3 tbsp coconut flakes, 90 ml coconut oil and 2 squares of dark chocolate, a bit of powdered sugar and chopped cashew nuts to decorate (optionally).

New recipe from my baking notebook! This is the second time I am making these – and their deliciousness certainly deserves to be a blog post! Feel free to share with me your thoughts on baking. Write me on:

Read about how I decided to bake vegan (or how I will tend to) in my previous post or discover the similar recipe: the almond cushions!

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IMG_8634Long time ago I wrote a chapter of this kind. There is a huge change happenning to take over my life and it took a lot of my attention recently. As everybody else, I am affraid of the huge change. Even though I know that “the fear is a liar”, it does not help as I imagined for it to be. The hardest thing is to begin — but as the process starts to reveal itself the way it actually is, many of us realize that a lot of our concerns were in vain. Above all, that huge change brings me back to thinking about the transience of time. These thoughts keep coming into my mind: the past, the transcience of moments, their inconsistency; being only a passenger in this world.

There is one special constitution that occupies me here: “the last time”. The majority of time I am simply passing the moments, as their uniqueness does not deserve more. To live in the present moment seems to be quite a tough assignment: one will usually think that there will be the next time, as the future is secured. People tend to look at the new things with the old eyes, the eyes of the past. I am one of them — that makes me nostalgic. Soon, all the moments I live here will reach that special constitution I speak about: “the last time”.


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Vegan carrot cake

Which ingredients to use?

For the cake: 200 g (after being peeled) carrots; 100 g walnuts; 2 egg replacers; 170 g brown sugar; 100 ml olive oil; 5 tbs milk alternative; 200 g cream flour; 1 tsp baking powder.

For the topping: 50 g dark chocolate; ½ tbs coconut oil: 50 g ground sugar.

How I decided to bake vegan?
(Or how I will tend to)

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