IMG_8634Long time ago I wrote a chapter of this kind. There is a huge change happenning to take over my life and it took a lot of my attention recently. As everybody else, I am affraid of the huge change. Even though I know that “the fear is a liar”, it does not help as I imagined for it to be. The hardest thing is to begin — but as the process starts to reveal itself the way it actually is, many of us realize that a lot of our concerns were in vain. Above all, that huge change brings me back to thinking about the transience of time. These thoughts keep coming into my mind: the past, the transcience of moments, their inconsistency; being only a passenger in this world.

There is one special constitution that occupies me here: “the last time”. The majority of time I am simply passing the moments, as their uniqueness does not deserve more. To live in the present moment seems to be quite a tough assignment: one will usually think that there will be the next time, as the future is secured. People tend to look at the new things with the old eyes, the eyes of the past. I am one of them — that makes me nostalgic. Soon, all the moments I live here will reach that special constitution I speak about: “the last time”.


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Vegan carrot cake

Which ingredients to use?

For the cake: 200 g (after being peeled) carrots; 100 g walnuts; 2 egg replacers; 170 g brown sugar; 100 ml olive oil; 5 tbs milk alternative; 200 g cream flour; 1 tsp baking powder.

For the topping: 50 g dark chocolate; ½ tbs coconut oil: 50 g ground sugar.

How I decided to bake vegan?
(Or how I will tend to)

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Vegan Autumn cookies

Which ingredients to use? 250 g dark brown sugar, 3 tbs maple syrup, 120 ml soya milk, 100 ml coconut oil, 2 tbs ground almonds, 1 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 tsp salt, 200 g cream flour, 1 tsp baking powder, ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda; 40 g dark chocolate and a handful of dried fuit.

The recipe makes approximately 25 pieces.

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Ususret novoj zbirci poezije

U razdoblju od 19. travnja do 18. rujna ove godine nastajala je moja četvrta po redu zbirka poezije. 99 pjesama, koje će biti predstavljene vrlo simboličnim nazivom, pisane su kao pjesme u prozi koje obično sadržavaju 5 do 7 rečenica. Ova je zbirka po nečemu vrlo jedinstvena — svaka od pjesama zvuči poput uvodnih riječi jednog od 99 poglavlja i kao da im ne pristaje stojati odvojeno jedna od druge, da tako dovoljno kažu: nužda je sagledati ih u sklopu cjeline. Pjesme, pročitane od početka do kraja, pripovijedaju priču — ili 99 momenata te priče. Bio je zadatak izdvojiti tek neke momente da po sebi dovoljno poruče.

Uljane se boje rasule po mojoj koži. Gledala sam kako se slijevaju, a sada me muči vremena gubitak – teško ih je bilo sprati! Oduševljena tim novim, nečuvenim događajem, nisam ga poželjela obustaviti u začetku. Tako čovjek podnosi i laži: dok se oduševljava iluzijama, ne misli na vrijeme koje će mu trebati da ih spere sa sebe. Iluzije su uljane boje koje su lijepe samo dok se slijevaju.


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Haute couture – what the dream is about

There is something so gently awakening in my heart just by mentioning “haute couture”. The fashion because of the fashion itself is the purest form of it – and, somewhat, became my dream. The very first thought I will have on my mind is Dior – as the French origin of the surname combines Dieu (it stands for God) and or (it stands for gold) – and the golden decade of his creativity. I am ever so inspired just by looking at such beautiful forms, and what I love the most is the consistent process of making it real. It beginns with a simple idea (the idea of a dress). The idea is being shown by the drawn lines (illustration). It goes to to the fields of matematics for its specification (pattern making), takes the advantage of the technology for its construction (being sewn) and, by using the uniquess of the handicraft, becomes purified (the final touch). Depending on the idea, that could take the hundreds of hours – but how to show the appreciation towards the knowledge and the time it takes but being taken by its beauty?

In this chapter I will present the bridal piece I recently created – oh, haute couture was never closer to me!

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