This is yet another story about the friendship — and it had such an interesting beginning. I met Eoin more than two years ago in front of the big gates of the Trinity college: not that I asked for some directions, but for him to take a photograph. Our conversation, I believe, would not appear if in that moment, in the spot where I wanted to stand, a large group of tourist stopped to discuss something. The unpleasant silence that appeared afterwards was broken with a simple question: “Are you a student over here?” He answered: “Yes, I study philosophy.” This was a certain beginning with no end.

After hearing the answer, that one photograph was not important any more: what was important is meeting somebody who studies philosophy, who is sincere, clever and ready to discuss. Eventually, that one photograph was made, somewhere in-between our half an hour conversation, with our contacts exchanged. The photo story that follows is the story of his, told by the objects he uses.

Eoin, 38 ↓

“Eoin” is an Irish version of the English name “John”. His full name, though, would be “John Paul”, given to him after the pope John Paul II, because he was born the year when the pope visited Ireland. He was on a long path discovering philosophy but, as for myself, when reaching the point, it was “the love on the first sight reading”. Philosophy is the spark that will never quench, once ignited (Plato).

Eoin adorns such a simplicity in objects yet, since not so many, they will tell even more of a story. He is a man of a everyday, yet so contemplative. Let the photographs show that.

© Gloria La Marr


The everyday ↑
“One of the most impressive books I ever read” ↓



“I’m sharing my world with you” ↑
“One of the first things I wanted to have for my apartment” ↓


The evening reading — “Nicomachean ethics” ↓


“The third type of friendship is based on goodness, where both people admire the other’s goodness and help one another strive for goodness. Friendships of the good are the ones where both friends enjoy each other’s characters. Aristotle calls is a complete sort of friendship between people who are good and alike in virtue. This is the highest level of φιλία, often translated brotherly love, and one of the highest forms of love in Aristotle’s Nicomachean ethics.”

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2 thoughts on “Portraiture (the stories the objects said)

    1. It was my pleasure, dear Eoin! Not only that the moments of your everyday are memorized like this now, but the moments of our friendship too!


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