It has been more than three months since my friend and I saw each other the last time. When we met, the first thing we did was sharing all the great news from our lives, where did we go and what we saw. My friend is very cheerful  and he can make anyone laugh. I am more serious though, but I found myself being very silly when we’re together. We are friends since 2004 so that sense of silliness comes naturally  and it is so enjoyable.

Since that last meeting, a very great thing happened to my photography I put an effort in learning Lightroom and that is one of the best things that could ever happen to my photography actually, so good that I questioned myself how could I possibly even start shooting without knowing it first?! If there is any piece of advice I could give on this field, it would be: shoot Raw from the beginning and learn Lightroom!

Before we start with following, let us make a comparison with the photoshoot we had the first time: I summed it up in the chapter A friend and a model. Since then, my compositional aspect did not change significally, but I was editing my photographs slightly, just to give some special “tint” to them, to personalize them a little bit  and the tool that helped me was just a simple mobile app. Through the time, the idea to be more profound in editing became mature and I dedicated more than a month to work on it daily.



For this photoshoot I decided to desaturate the colours and with the slight increase of hue/luminance (for red, orange and yellow) I got the skin tone I wanted and the “airier” look. Contrast and clarity are decreased by -10 and in the split toning section I turned highlights and shadows more yellowish. These are some significant changes and the other ones were just gently done  but one step here or there in this sense means a huge change.



It does not seem correct to think that one can know everything about something because there is always a room to improve, but another piece of advice I could say is: bring yourself to the point in which you are very satisfied with what you are doing and the new experiences and knowledge will come naturally to you. That is actually the point I would like to reach in any field of my life. Having that on mind, I start with everything new so the uknown and unfamiliar becomes interesting and enjoyable.


Thank you for reading!

Model: Dino Antunović

© Gloria La Marr

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