What ingredients to use? 150 g butter flavored cookies, 100 g ground almonds, 2 tsp vanilla sugar, 70 g coconut oil, 4 tablespoons of honey, 6 tablespoons milk, 40 g ground cashew nuts and 30 g plain flower.

To decorate: approx. 20 g ground cashew nuts, approx. 30 g hazelnuts.


Step by step preparation. Measure 150 grams of butter flavored cookies, place them within the plastic bag for kitchen use and crush them very well with the roller. Use a big bowl to mix them with almonds, vanilla sugar and cashew nuts. Melt the coconut oil, add it to the mixture altogether with honey* and hot milk. Make sure that the mixture looks homogeneous before finishing it with flour.

Help yourself with the spoon when taking the small amount of mixture to create the balls. Place each of them on the baking paper and use the forefinger to press them on the middle – and add one hazelnut in each hole, as shown on the photographs below. The mixture will give about 30 pieces.



Before baking, sprinkle it with the ground cashew nuts. Bake up to 15 minutes in the previously preheated oven on 180° C.

I may say this each time I publish my new recipe, but this time that is perfectly true: this is my best recipe for now! Also, for more both delicious and healthy recipes, I recommend following this blog: Angelica – recipes.

* The recipe does not require additional sugar because the butter cookies usually contain enough of it. To be sure, check the sweetness before continuing to the finishing steps.

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