There are some treasures that Ireland keeps alongside less familiar roads. The reason for that also lies in the fact that the public transport does not cover them in its routes and they can be visited only by a car; so four of us were on the road.

What would be better thing to do on Sunday afternoon than to run away from the city crowd, especially if there is no rain or wind, but only the warm Sun rays breaking through the trees, as it happened in the forest we went into first. It required some climbing too – but what a look it gave us afterwards! We spent there two hours approximately, and we were not alone – there are still some people who appreciate the silence of the trees, who gave some of their time to take a couple of deep breaths of that fresh air.





Our next stop was, until that moment completely unknown to me, very famous Johnnie Fox’s pub, an ideal vision of a classical Irish pub. I never thought that something so far away from the crowded spots of the city can be so crowded too.

The last stop of our trip was Sally Gap, a complexion that gives an amazing look to the Wicklow mountains. As we arrived, one of my very first thoughts was: “What a wonderful place for the landscape photography” – and there they were, two of them. Let the photographs simply speak for themselves!




Sažetak. Jedan od najljepših načina za provesti nedjeljno poslijepodne jeste pobjeći od gužve. Slijedeći taj primjer, četvero nas uputilo se na otkrivanje nekih ljepota koje Irska skriva od više poznatih cesta. Dan je bio savršen za takvo što – budući da se iznimno sunčani dani ne događaju često. (…) Naše prvo stajalište bila je šuma smještena južno od centra Dublina. Nakon nešto penjanja, uživali smo u pogledu koji nam je dala. Posjetili smo i poznati irski pub, Johnnie Fox’s, a na istoj putanji, premda nešto dalje, zatekli smo se gledajući u planine grada Wicklowa. Oduševljava!


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