Everything I am creating these days is connected either with my fashion ideas or the poetry. Last October I have started the project I never thought it will appear, and that is chaining the poems free from form into a new poetry book made of 366 poems (exactly, one for each day, including the 29th of February). Inspiration is such a surprising thing! An artist could never know when it will come and in what form.

Unfortunately, I still do not translate my poetry into English, but once it miraculously happened that I translated one poem and, what is even more weird, I liked the English version of it better than the original! I was motivated to do so after watching the movie „Testament of youth“ for the second time (highly recommended!), hearing the poetry of Roland Leighton.

The sweetness of my heart

The sweetness of my heart,
where do the winds carry you,
without telling me?

Away, over the blue sea,
I dreamt of meeting you:
the waves are hitting the coast,
but I cannot see you.

The sweetness of my heart,
be there tonight,
this heart of mine wants to tell you a thing.

I will bring you a ray of flowers
picked along the paths
that led me to you.

The sweetness of my heart,
the sea is blue everywhere,
do not wander.

I should wear a floral dress
so you can find me easily.

Coming to my second occupation, here to mention is that I am the most into watching the fashion shows (Dior) and putting the pieces of my afflatus into the whole. That also included organizing my folders, drawing the new designs and realizing how to make the first dress after a long period of time. I decided to show a bit of my creative corner over here and how all these small pieces provide the closer outlook of what I would love to do.

Vogue colouring book which contains many illustrations from the 1950’s to colour, with the front page done by myself, both with the crayons and the real make up.
The mannequin dressed into the skirt I presented in one of my earlier posts, having the fur collar and the necklace that are my work too.
Organizing my folder – a peek inside of it.
Taking notes while reading the fashion books.
Another corner of my room – the roses from the last summer and a bottle simply turned into a vase.

Except of going through the fashion material, I did enjoy reading of the other various contents. I see reading as a research of the thoughts which will incorporate into my current state as a puzzle to complete it! These were authors such as Desanka Maksimović, Jean-Paul Sartre, Marjorie Graham (an autobiographical novel from the series of the ordinary life stories) and Charles Baudelaire. I even thought that a great option would be to present the main observations that took me over whilst reading. For now, let me separate just one of the powerful thoughts: „Conquer yourself rather than the world!“ (Descartes).

Thank you for reading!

Sažetak. Sve što sam zadnjih dana stvarala bilo je povezano ili s modnim idejama ili s poezijom. Trenutno pišem pjesme slobodne od forme, što mi je doista začuđujuće, a riječ je od 366 pjesama za svaki dan u godini (uključujući i prijestupnu godinu). U nastavku sam priložila svoju jedinu pjesmu prevedenu na engleski jezik, a povod tome bila je poezija jednog od stvarnih likova iz filma „Testament of youth“. Što se mode tiče, zastala sam na gledanju Diorovih modnih revija, organiziranju svega modnoga materijala s kojime raspolažem i realizaciji prve od haljina nakon odista dugo vremena. Prethodno vrijeme pažnju sam posvetila i knjigama različita sadržaja, a o istima sam razmišljala i predstaviti ih u nekima od budućih objava.

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