…about the idea called „Ladies first“.

It all began with the name that was ringing in my head that night: „Ladies first“. I turned over and asked my roommate how does she like it. She agreed that it suites very well with the ideas I wanted to work on and I accepted it. It was the Valentine’s day 2014.


Recently before that happened, I brought my sewing machine in the city where I was just finishing my college and got a couple of relaxing months working on my final thesis only. That provided me more time for my art and craft and, at first, it meant that I started to repair the clothes to the students of the dormitory to increase my student budget. I was rearranging my own clothes too, to coordinate more with my original ideas, and making the jewellery and other accessorizes, which meant that almost every single day, when somebody asked me about the things I wear, I could point into something and say: „That is what I did.“

At the time I was attracted the most by the floral print and the hair flowers, and my pursuit to achieve the perfect decoration for my hairstyle ended up with the fascinators – I was charmed with them more than ever when I even discovered the artists who make a real piece of art just with them. I loved the fact that they can contain the whole idea in themselves: the print, the flowers, various decorations that add the volume – and the unique signature. Not knowing anything about the process of making them, I had my attempts and failures until I did not achieve the one that left me so satisfied that I am holding onto it until now.

Soon after I made a couple of them, I arranged a photo shooting in which I presented that work and in the period that followed some of them were ordered or made as a gift. The rules I followed were: preciseness and the finniest materials I can find. I loved that adventure so I continued to make them until I did not conclude that I could place them, with the other things I make, within an online shop. Etsy seemed to be the perfect option for it. I collected all of my work at the time and work on the new one too, which resulted with the shop as it looks today.

How one of my fascinators looks like – every single one is the best version of what I can create. This is how I usually wear it, and I wear them for the various occasions, day or night.
The skirt I am wearing I presented in one of my previous posts. Its design is the one I was most commonly making in the intensive times of my work and two skirts similar to this one are in my shop at the moment.

This is where I stand now – even I am not quite sure am I standing at all – on the daily basis I work more and more just to reach the nearness of my dream. No matter what the past wrote, the idea called „Ladies first“ actually started by making hats.


Photos: Ana Kajba

Sažetak.  Ovaj post piše priču o tome kako je nastala ideja na kojoj radim, „Ladies first“. Njen početak vezan je uz posljednje mjesece moga boravka u studentskom domu u kojem sam, isprva, prepravljala studentima odjeću ne bi li si povećala studentski budžet. Moja jedina fakultetska obaveza tada bila je dovršavanje diplomskoga rada što mi je omogućilo i posvećivanje nekim modnim idejama. Više no ikada prije, dorađivala sam si odjeću ne bi li više odgovarala mojim originalnim idejama i izrađivala modne dodatke, što je značilo da bih svakodnevno nosila nešto što je imalo moj potpis. U želji da postignem izuzetnu frizuru koju sam nosila uz tada svoj najdraži cvjetni uzorak, došla sam do ideje za fascinatore koji su mogli ujediniti sve: uzorak, cvijeće, razne dekoracije koje dodaju volumen i jedinstven potpis. U kratkome periodu napravila sam dostatan broj njih te organizirala fotografiranje kojime sam predstavila tadašnji rad. U narednome periodu neke sam napravila po narudžbi ili kao poklon. Kako je nadahnuće raslo, odlučila sam svoj rad predstaviti i u Etsy online trgovini, kakva izgleda i danas.

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