Even though I thought to write about something else in the post that follows, the unexpected journey to the outside of the city made we want to do it first. Just fourteen kilometres outside of Dublin a real treasure has its place, and it is called – Howth (in Irish: Binn Éadair). I have already been there, but at that time it was the summer and its cliffs were the main thing we wanted to see and experience then; this time I went just to enjoy the fresh air the sea gives, to see something new and to walk on the paths that lead through the wonderful nature: about ten kilometres that was today.

This December I marked exactly two years since I came to Ireland and decided to stay for a particular time. The new opportunities also brought plenty of ideas about where to go and what to do, and so many of them I decided to choose. I visited all the sides of Ireland and, as people usually know, the country is really green. The Irish Sea is always very cold, ordinarily brings a lot of wind, but this time I was blessed with having nor the wind, nor the rain as the followers, which makes the journey more enjoyable.

Howth is the fishing town, but it attracts many tourists mostly because of the cliffs. There are many beauties that can catch the eye and some of them I captured today.





I love to photograph and I love the power that the photograph has: to bring back to the moment when it happened, but there is “a danger” that the photograph can take the actual moment away – nowadays is not so important to enjoy the moment, but to capture the moment. For that reason I try to restrain myself of having my phone or my camera in my hands most of the time, or I found another way “to fix” that: if I am travelling alone, I take a sit with my notebook and make the overview on the travel I had – to keep the memory alive. Not all the time I will have the chance to come back to the place I loved once: the words can help me in that too and, by that, I will admit that I love them more.



Sažetak. Tek četrnaest kilometara daleko od Dublina nalazi se malo ribarsko mjesto vrijedno posjeta – Howth. Prošle sam ga godine posjetila s društvom i, poput mnogih, uživali smo u njegovim vrlo poznatim stijenama. Međutim, danas je razlog za posjetu bio sasvim drugačiji: tek uživati u svježem zraku Irskoga mora i pogledu na lijepu prirodu koja ga čini – tako sam završila s deset kilometara hoda. Bilježim već dvije godine otkako sam se doselila u Irsku i uhvatila sam se mnogih pruženih prilika. Ovu zemlju ljudi obično poznaju kao “vrlo zelenu”, što je i točno, no redovito ju također prati i dosta vjetra i kiše. (…) Premda volim fotografiju i njenu moć da vrati u prošli trenutak, ona sa sobom nosi i “opasnost” da “ukrade” taj isti trenutak – jer se danas čini važnijim “zabilježiti trenutak”, a ne “uživati trenutak”. Poradi toga, nastojim se obuzdavati ne imati u rukama fotoaparat većinu vremena, ali sam pronašla i jedan drugačiji “lijek” za zaborav: ukoliko putujem sama, sjednem zapisati osvrt na viđeno, a u tome slučaju, lako ću priznati, više no fotografiju volim riječi.


2 thoughts on “A walk in Howth

    1. Thanks! I really enjoy photographing. If you ever come to visit Dublin and stay a couple of days, use a chance to see Howth also – it gathers plenty of tourists.


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