Since I learned how to write all the letters, it started my adventure with words. At first these where some simple sentences I used to write in the picture books I was receiving – such as: “This is my favourite book ever” (written inside of “The wizard of Oz”) – that were, later on, more specified and connected in the short stories and the poems since when I was nine years old. What a vivid imagination I had! What took it from me so I am still trying to finish my first novel? In the meantime, this blog appeared – even I am mostly making the posts how passionate I am about the fashion, the real story behind all that has to be included: that is me – and, in my world, the words are the essence.

In the world of fashion the essence of the representation is moved to the image and, no matter what my fashion ideas want to express, the word itself will not be enough for it: the image has to be included. Did you know that 83% of all our acknowledgements come from the sense of eyes? That is the reason why photograph influences us so much – it gives the inspiration, the motivation and the insight straight away.

What are the ideas I would like to represent this time? The beauty of autumn, the charm of the old buildings, a joy of the everyday life, what are my designing ideas.





A couple of comments about the blog I received tell that my blog seems to be very romantic. That is what I actually wanted to achieve – I am not sure should I place myself in the group of „magic realists“, but in my mind I am sincerely thinking about finding the moments of this world that seem to me as the small pieces of something divine or how to make some ordinary moments alike them. That could be assign to every part of life and one of the ways how to overcome the eternal recurrence. Having such thoughts on my mind, and my designing ideas come to life, even I am thinking that I am just on the way of achieving them in their fullness.

Why it is so? It requires: a lot of free time, the constant concentration, enough of a very expensive fabrics, an experienced tailoring, a justified high price…

Nietzsche said (a paraphrase) that writing that does not encourage an action is nothing more but useless (oh, what a difference there is between an action and behaving!) – the thought is I am trying to go along with. Even most of my recent thoughts stopped on thinking about the realization of my designs and everything what goes alongside of it, in some of my future posts I will long to include something of my poetry work to show how my words arranged over there.

What is going to be next? The second part of the book „Vogue on Christian Dior“!

Sažetak. Moja avantura s riječima započela je kada sam naučila pisati sva slova. Od vrlo jednostavnih rečenica koje bih običavala upisivati u slikovnice koje sam dobivala, počela sam stvarati kratke priče i pjesme s devet godina života. Godine koje su uslijedile učinile su riječi suštinom mog stvaralaštva. U modi je, pak, suština prezentacije fotografija jer riječi same nisu dovoljne za njenu potpunu predodžbu. Fotografijom se daje inspiracija, motivacija i uvid u isti čas. (…) Nekolicina komentara o ovome blogu potvrdila su da sam ostvarila svoju težnju – učinila ga vrlo romantičnim – što je i moja svakidašnja težnja: „prevazići“ puku svakodnevnicu na sebi svojstvene načine uslijed „vječnog vraćanja istog“. Imajući to na umu, i moje stvaralaštvo dolazi životu. Nietzsche je rekao da je svako pisanje koje ne potiče na djelovanje beskorisno (velika je razlika između djelovanja i ponašanja) i prema tome se nastojim ravnati – stoga ću u nekim od svojih budućih objava uključiti i svoju poeziju da i na takav način predstavim svoje ideje.

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