One of the very first impressions about the woman is related to how her hands look. That is not the matter only because most of the women love to look after their nails, but because the hands make a very important part of the nonverbal communication and they can very easily attract our look whilst the communication lasts. I was into carrying for both my hands and the nails since I remember, but I fell in love with the half-moon manicure a couple of years ago. The whole process is not something delicate – the only things that make it a bit more complex are the patience and the preciseness: the rest comes easy!

How to start? With the preparation of everything needed for making it from the beginning till the end – that will prevent the possibility of ruining the nail polish until it gets completely dry. That can even include having a cup of tea on the table, a magazine or a book to read while the nails are not fully done. Before the manicure itself takes a place, prepare the nails for it: remove all the dried skin that surrounds the nail, make its surface smooth and give it a desired shape.

What to use? I am using the hardening nail base, the gel-look top coat and tip guides from Essence and Revlon red nail polish in the shade “730 Valentino”. A hand cream (this time L’Occitane “Cherry blossom”) and the cuticle oil (from Gadi minerals) are the part of my everyday hand care.



Let’s start! Apply in two thin layers the hardening nail base, waiting a minute before applying it the second time. This is a very important step – if the nail base is not completely dry before continuing to the next step, the tip guides can ruin it! Enjoy your tea in the meantime.


The next step is placing the tip guides as shown on the photograph. You can determine how big your half moon will be – just make sure that the edges are stick properly: help yourself with the nails from the other hand.


Both hands are done in the same time. Apply the (red) nail polish in one or two layers. Be precise as much as you can – by this I particularly mean about the edges of the half moon we want to get.


Within ten minutes very slowly remove the tip guides. They will be stick to the nails and the rashly decollation could ruin both the base and the nail polish next to them.

The following step can be avoided because the gel-look top coat takes up to thirty minutes to get properly dry, but I prefer it – not only that gives a glow to the nails, but makes them stronger: as your nails are done by the professional! Apply it in one layer and take a magazine or a book to relax – it will take your time, but you will be so pleased to see the result (a little secret is that you can hurry up the drying by holding your nails under the cold flowing water).


Did you try to do your half-moon manicure yet? Let me know how it looks like!

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