It happened that I did not sew or work on my designing ideas for more than a month. In that time I found myself very occupied by reading the fashion books and considering the way in which my intentions could go – I let the ideas to incubate – and they led me to the designs I will present in this and many future posts. The feminine shape, the whole-coloured fabrics, sequins, ribbons or the uniquely decorated material will become the whole, bounded by two simple rules: elegance and simplicity. More than ever, I am inspired by Dior – the ideas he was working on through the early 1950’s – and I tried to release such feelings in the new period of my work.

This light green gathered skirt is made of linen, it has the black waistband, also the lace ribbon and sequins on its hem; 2 meters of fabric and a couple of hours working, both with the sewings machine and the hands.
The outfit is a combination of: the pillbox hat – Lucy’s lounge, the fur – inherited, the blouse – River islands, the ankle boots – Regarde le ciel, the bag – Dublin vintage factory.

My friend and I took the walk through the park today and we captured these photographs trying to enlighten my recent creation. Unfortunately, they show just a small part of it – the result – and the people will usually conclude having only it on the sight, whilst the truth stays profoundly hidden: what a mess I create in my room by doing the new creations, the expensiveness of the fabrics, learning of the new techniques, re-doing the same thing if the mistake occurs, all the sketches, sewing by hand, the time it takes, the concentration… and many more. Once I spoke with my grandma about the passion I found in baking cakes. She said to me: “If you love it, you will learn it even better!” Such simplicity, and what a truth! The real love for it has created all this.




“I drew flower woman” – Dior said – oh, how much he has inspired me!

Photos: all taken by Ana Kajba

Sažetak. U vrijeme kada su moje modne ideje čekale na svoju realizaciju, posvetila sam se čitanju novih modnih knjiga. One su mi poslužile u svrhu razmatranja o pravcu u kojem bih nastavila stvarati. Ponajviše sam nadahnuta Diorom, točnije, njegovim idejama iz 1950-ih godina, i u budućim radovima tim će se osjećajima dati prostora. Ovom prilikom predstavljam svoj zadnji rad koji je tek rezultat jednog vrlo dugačkog i zahtjevnog procesa. Taj proces obuhvaća razne aspekte koji na težak način vode uspješnoj realizaciji, međutim, ljubav s kojom stvaram čini ga lakše prohodnim.

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