Indeed, “the pears have withered and many various fruit” because “autumn brought its own glamour” – once I wrote in a poem. Except of all the natural beauties that could be seen wherever the step goes, the same days bring such a particular style of wearing I am truly enjoying: brown, black, yellow, cream and sometimes orange with the golden details make the fashionable delicatessen of the season for me. For this occasion I will recollect a couple of styles I worn recently, giving also a couple of thoughts about it. The main idea here to mention is: I am such a fashion lover!

Some of my favourite, yet simple moments I am truly enjoying – meeting a friend and joining our thoughts trough a cup of coffee; I did my hairstyle in such a simple manner: making a big bow on my head with a scarf my grandmother wore when she was eighteen. The skirt is one my favourites, joining all the autumn colours in a whole.
Here comes my favourite bag this season – not only that it is so nicely decorated, but also spacey that both my notebooks can fit inside; this Parisian coat (orange inside) I found for a price such as 2 euro, but a hat is a piece of gold.
I finally got that luck to find the perfect boots alike the ones from the Mid-century era – the brand is called “Regarde le ciel” and how happy I am for having them! The skirt is one of my oldest designs and the jacket L. K. Bennet – the material of it looks like astrakhan.

Since I did a one month break in sewing and the new designs, I am actually preparing myself for the new adventures by reading the books I found in the meantime. The latest one is about the fashion through the 18th, 19th and 20th century with plenty of costumes from the Kyoto costume institute; about 15 m of fabric awaits for me to start working again.

This is one of the ways how I usually represent my designs, this time with an idea for the print.
This charming floral skirt once was worn by Eleanor Rebel for the shooting we had together. I did it in summer 2014.

What makes me to create? The passion I hold for it. The passion starts the beginning and it makes the process going. To be deeply in it requires much more than a simple liking and it is such a good friend with the perseverance. This autumn was a period for the incubation of the new ideas and I believe I will be surprised. As I wrote in the same poem again: “I hope that in its basket/ I will find other gifts too”.

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