The ideas are everywhere – not only that I like to think ideas, but I am peculiarly open to work on the new ones: as it is the case with the new poetry book I recently began. At first, I did not take it so seriously, but as I noticed that the same idea comes frequently and with the great desire to be expressed, I knew there is something more in it. This new poetry book is also something so new for me too – and it is not what I expected to come: being open for the new and the unpredictable makes me very surprised. From the 18th of this month onwards, already 56 new poems found their place.

Since my passions need to exchange their places throughout the days, I made a short break with my sewing adventures. For that reason I finally completed the skirt I started two weeks ago, having a couple of the new ones that wait their turn too. I became much faster in such process, indeed: the skills are being sharpened as much as I work on them.



Being very influenced with Dior fashion nowadays, I like to give the final touch with beads or sequins: even that is something I carry from my teenager days, when I started to work with them – making more than a hundred various bracelets or necklaces for me and my friends.


I bought the new fashion book with one of the fashion ideas for each day of the year – having both last and new century included. Even I do go through the interesting fashion sites on the internet, I prefer much more to have them collected in a book. This time the book even contains the blank pages for the personal notes and I gladly started to write my own reflections.

Models posing on the beach in the 1960’s.
Toni Garrn, a German model, for Scherer Gonzales during the Fashion week in Belin (2009).

The page I was on today was about extraordinary Karl Lagefeld for Chanel ready-to-wear spring/summer 2009 show. When I take a look at all that splendour, I know that there must be something more in it than just an object of wearing; just as Chanel herself confirmed: „Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only: fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.“

Cloche hats are my favourite. What a mistery can be given by wearing them!

I believe that my soul will have an insurmountable desire to express itself through the very various ways until it exists. I cannot image to leave any of my passion behind just because I may be afraid will I truly complete them in the way I want – but I am satisfied as long as I am on the way. One day I will arrive.

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