To be aware of the passions and to guide them in the right direction is one of the importances of life. I am passionate about so many things, that once I even wrote that I would love to stay young and in the fullness of my strength for one hundred years so I can properly realize all of them. If such thing could be possible, I would be even studying astrophysics, because I am so amazed by the luxuriance the Universe has.

Talking about some „grounded“ passions, I would like to mention the ones I consider smaller: they belong to the everyday life, but actually lead the main ones.

I am very passionate about having a cup of my favourite green tea in the peace of my room: if that takes a place in my day, I know that everything is alright. It was not said in vain that the hope rests where the tea is (Arthur Wing Pinero).


As previously mentioned, I am passionate about designing and sewing – even much more about the design itself. I like to deal with such ideas that actually come to me so easily: through the simple touch. When I touch the material, the idea is born. Afterwards I process it until the smallest detail and give it the concrete form.

Recently I was wearing the first skirt I ever did – that was a couple of years ago. It was actually made out of the ripped skirt my grandmother once worn.

When I discovered that colourful world of the 1950’s, to me, a person already in love with the fashion, the endeavours of such aesthetics became something alike my daily motifs. When I would be searching for the beauty impulse, I was looking so gladly at the photographs of the everyday woman and man of that decade, even back to the 1920’s, and stayed charmed by the fact that every single day seemed to be a special occasion, even in the time of war. Thereafter I became so passionate about going around all the vintage shops I was finding on my way trying to find the original clothes worn then: what a journey that is!



I am also very passionate about finding any moment, whilst the everyday life happens, that could contain the truth about the beauty of this world: that could be absolutely anything – from an honest smile that one girl gave to her friend, some fallen leaves in the corner that seem to be forgotten, a look at the delicious cakes in the bakery to a marvellous edifice in any of the streets. Some moments of that kind are also the ones I have: when I take a seat in some place that pleases my eyes and – write.

The chapters I am writing inside of this notebook could be the final realization of my attempts at writing a novel that began when I was thirteen years old.

What are your passions that guide you through the life?

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