As all the beginnings I had, this one does not seem to be easy also: it is so hard to start that very first sentence; but as I continued to go forward, the unknown fields became less and less demanding and my steps seemed to go… livelier. Such chapters are not something new to me, really: back in 2011 I began to write on one of the Serbian forums about my experience with poetry and parallel presenting the new artistic photographs mostly made inspired by it. The theme got a charming number of views and a good feedback but, as the time was passing by, the new opportunities appeared and the old ones got forgotten.

At this time I would like to write about fashion and my perceiving of it, as it occupies me these days a lot. Fashion is the touchable art, something that goes straight to the eye, sometimes charming so much that it cannot even be forgotten. Whilst I was reading the book „Vogue fashion“ (Watson, 2010) I understood that to all those designers presented there, fashion was everything – their whole life. They dedicated all their time to creating the untouchable ideas into the touchable creations which meant much more than an object of wearing. It made me thinking about how wonderful would be to keep longer on that field and to contribute myself.

A skirt or a dress is just much more than „a skirt“ and „a dress“ – if any of these is made with the true passion and the pure dedication, it carries a fragment of truth.

The idea about recollecting and organizing all of my fashion ideas started in February 2014, even I did not take it so seriously back then – but today they are having a goal and the path they go. The ideas surround me, but it will take a lot of time to become really capable to realize all of them – in the way I want them to be. Being interested even more in watching the movies about fashion, it was obviously shown: to go step by step and confirm that every detail matters. Last Sunday I was wearing my newest design that took me five days to finish – not only because of my ordinary work, but because I want to be very concentrated on all the aspects one properly made skirt has. I wish to create more and more until I come to that point in which the created skirt looks as a piece of art. The ones who do not consider the fashion as something more than taking whatever is at hand and wearing it, cannot understand this urgent need for bringing the beauty through it: to me, fashion has a great power to change, to correct, to beautify.

In the surroundings of the Trinity college, Dublin. With my own design I wore: silk shirt (vintage), L. K. Bennet jacket (bought in Vintage goddess Ireland), vintage bag (bought in Loucy’s lounge) and Irregular choice shoes.


In the mentioned book for Balenciaga was written (page 162): “What Balenciaga created in 1938 would always transcend time” – what a thought to think about!

Obviously, one thing get stick to other by similarity: I am not just a lover of the beautiful ideas realized in fashion, but also the simple elements that meet the eye whilst the ordinary life happens – as some corners of the cafe where I have met my friend.


The photos are taken in the cafe called Le petit Parisien, Dame street, Dublin.

As I was going to my home, the same day I met a young poet that was writing the poems for a trifling donation. It came out that he came all from New Jersey to spend some time in Dublin. He had his typewriter and I was more than pleased to look at his moments of creation – so this will be the way how I will connect all of my main passion into the first chapter of this journey: and finish it.

Living history within us

Going places we have always dreamed of
fancy fame and fiercely independent and brave
because fear won’t keep us down
or at bay or away from anything we really want

We know truths that the men who wrote histories
would never want us to know
and in our own way we are creating
the future we can believe in

2 thoughts on “One of the many beginnings

  1. Prelijepo napisano! Cestitam na svim postignucima! 🙂 Zelim ti puno srece u daljnjem radu i da nikad ne izgubis strast i inspiraciju! 😀


    1. Puno hvala, draga Edita, to mi je vrlo poticajno! Da, nadam se da ću uvijek ostati vjerna ostvarivanju raznih ideja, ali najviše se nadam da ne izgubim – upornost!


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